Informed and Involved Public

Community Action

Involvement and collaboration among community members, watershed organizations, and businesses is providing focus and consistency in actions to improve water quality. 

More than 30 watershed groups and conservation districts are working to reduce pollution and improve habitat in the Basin. These efforts bring together community members to exchange ideas, inspire action, and encourage behavior change.

They have facilitated discussions between farmers and municipal districts about riparian buffers and the importance of setbacks from roadside ditches, trained realtors to help homeowners understand and minimize the impact of septic systems, and recruited private businesses and public institutions to commit to allowing lawns to grow longer for improved soil health. In an effort to improve stormwater management on residential properties, these organizations have collaborated to share messaging and technical assistance for property owners.

Watershed groups rely on community support and provide the most direct opportunity for residents to get involved. They are most familiar with local conditions and can best identify projects to address problems and foster community engagement. Each year thousands of volunteers gain a stake in their community by planting native trees, installing rain gardens, improving public access, and monitoring for cyanobacteria. Collectively, their actions have a significant impact on improving habitat and water quality. 

Photo: Northern Forest Canoe Trail
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What You Can Do

Volunteer. Many local groups need help with projects that improve water quality and habitat in the Lake Champlain Basin.

Be a community scientist. Participate in community-based scientific research by volunteering to conduct surveys, take measurements, or record observations.

Join a lake or river organization. Many regional and local watershed groups work to protect and restore our local waterways.

Learn more. Visit the LCBP website to learn more about what you can do and what personal actions others are taking.